We will continually seek innovation in a bid to do what we do better. 
By embracing new technology, we will remain at the leading edge of the industry and share this position with our customers

Offering End-to-End technology solutions is a passion at Vision Innovative Technology LLC which has helped VIT to be listed as a preferred solutions partner for many companies who are looking at one point of contact for their technology needs
IT Solutions
  • Infrastructure

  • Networking

  • Wireless networks

  • IT Equipment Supply

  • Dissaster Recovery

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)

  • Website

IT Solutions II
  • Data Security

  • Converged Networks

  • Structured Cablinq

  • Virtualisation

  • Time Attendance

  • Antivirus

  • PMS

Specialised Solutions
  • IDS-Hotel Management Software

  • IP-TV

  • Digital Signage

  • IP-Telephony

  • CCTV Surveillance

  • Perimeter Security

Specialised Solutions II
  • Door Access

  • TV Spots

  • Background Music and Public Address

  • Energy Saving

  • UPS System

  • Vehicle Tracking

Recent Projects


  • Strive for Business Excellence – We challenge ourselves to be efficient and effective with available resources. We seek improvement and embrace change.

  • Do the Right Thing – We are honest and fair in all our dealings and courageous in making hard decisions that support our business goals. Our decisions and actions will make our families proud.

  • Innovate – We constantly innovate and add solutions to keep up with the latest technology trends so we can offer best products and solutions

  • Work as a Team – Working together to meet challenges and develop solutions, we actively engage and support our people and understand and value the contribution of others.

  • Think win-win – The people and organisations we engage with will benefit fairly. We give every opportunity a go and think long-term with respect to the relationships we cultivate and nurture.

  • Indomitable Spirit – Our people are resilient. We approach challenges with courage and passion.

Professional Services

However modern or well maintained, unfortunately IT systems fail. Servers can crash, viruses attack, phones go down. VIT provides businesses with peace of mind that their IT equipment and IT systems are being well looked after with our full IT support service. More

Project Management

More than ever, CTOs are under pressure to make sure technology investments improve their company's competitive position and boost the bottom line. With global sourcing of IT emerging as a highly effective option for achieving these goals, many organizations are implementing More


VIT have certified, experienced and trained team which designs complete IT and ELV solutions according to client requirements. VIT provides below services: IT infrastructure design,Data centre design,ELV systems design, More

Technical Support

VIT's flexible and professional IT support service means that we are continually working to minimise any potential problems with your IT infrastructure. By monitoring your IT systems remotely, we can eliminate approximately 80% of problems before they occur. More

Our Mission

"Regardless of size, we will work hand in glove with each of our customers to help them meet their business needs supported unhindered by IT, Automation, Networking, Security and Power Saving, whilst enhancing their commercial edge through our outstanding support,''

Our Philosophy

Vision Innovative Technologies LLC (VIT) is a business built on relationships and as a growing provider of integrated IT and Automation technologies, we see our customers and our people as key to our continued success.More

Our Core values Are

Customer Care- Driven by a deep rooted care for our customers' ability to work uninterrupted, we endeavour wherever possible, to pre-empt and resolve disruption that pulls our customers' attention away from their core business. Where not possible, . More

Our Environmental Policy

At VIT, we understand that the earth does not have infinite resource for future generations and we endeavour to lessen our impact and where we are able to, that of our customers. More


We will continually seek innovation in a bid to do what we do better. By embracing new technology, we will remain at the leading edge of the industry and share this position with our customers