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Employee scheduling is fast, simple and accurate with TIMEX. An easy to use "drag and drop" interface allows for quick and easy data entry. This employee scheduling software automatically calculates the benefit hours each employee earns, and updates balances as the information is entered. All of which are set according to your own policies and preferences.

Unlike most other employee scheduling programs, we won't force you to work around the software - TIMEX will work the way you choose. Easy to follow instructions in the user manual Videos, Literature with ScreenShots and online 24/7 help will allow even the novice to use the program with ease. The latest version of DIGI-TIMEX also includes the following new features

*     Multi-user access with different security levels 
*     The ability to create more than one policy for each benefit 
*     Import and Export capabilities 
*     The ability to add a comment to any entry 
*     The ability to select multiple days when adding an entry