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As a proven software technology that offers businesses many benefits, virtualisation is the pooling and sharing of IT resources including servers, storage and networking.
Virtualisation is rapidly transforming the IT landscape and fundamentally changing the way that people compute, which is why so many businesses are implementing the platform.
With internal resources underutilised under the 'one server, one application' model and admin spending too much time managing servers instead of innovating, virtualisation helps to dramatically improve the efficiency and availability of IT resources and applications.
By virtualising their IT infrastructure, our clients reduce IT costs whilst also increasing efficiency, utilisation, and flexibility of their existing assets.

Some of the reasons that your business will benefit from virtualisation include:

• Get more from your existing resources by pooling common infrastructure resources
• Reduce your physical infrastructure and so datacentre costs
• Reduced hardware spend
• Improve your server to admin ratio
• Enable improved disaster recovery and business continuity
• Cut costs by increasing energy efficiency

As experts in the design and implementation of enterprise wide virtualisation solutions, we work with the market leader in virtualisation - VMware(R).