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What is a converged network?

A converged network exploits the data infrastructure installed to carry voice and video and enables an organisation to integrate voice with business applications such as CRM as well as specialised applications such as ERP and WMS. A converged network enables the organisation to deploy solutions impractical in older solutions, such as unified messaging.

Why are Organisations considering a converged network?

Organisations of all sizes are looking to migrate to a converged network for the following reasons:

Improve Operational Efficiency

Desire to improve operational efficiency by permitting staff to do more in less time, by changing business practices from those based on disparate systems to practices that can take advantage of having information available, anywhere, at any time using a number of interfaces and devices.
A converged network facilitates the integration of unified communications into business critical applications such as CRM and specialised applications such as ERP and WMS

Reduce Costs

. Automating services needed to use system
. Permitting centralised administration of infrastructure
. Reducing the amount of equipment used, power consumption and space by virtualising services
. Coalescing support contracts

Security and Compliance

A converged infrastructure integrates security into the design.

Managing Change

A converged unified communications infrastructure permits the organisation to be more flexible and improve speed of deployment when managing change such as changing organisation size or location through mergers and acquisitions.

New Technologies

A converged unified communications infrastructure facilitates the deployment of new integrated solution previously considered impractical or impossible.

What does VIT do?

Vision Innoovative Technologies specialise in providing converged unified solutions to SME customers

. Voice, video and data
. Wired and wireless solutions based on Cisco, HP and Dlink infrastructure
VIT can help you to incorporate more efficient business practices and reduce your costs.