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With remote and home working on the increase, maintaining productivity, uninterrupted communication and data security are all hot points that call for a Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution.
A Virtual Private Network (VPN) uses the internet to provide remote offices, remote users and home workers with quick and secure remote access to all of their applications and data on the Company's computer system, enabling them to work as if they were in the central office.
Implementing a VPN has many benefits for both the business and the user. A VPN provides the business with the option to locate employees in the most productive environment, helping to increase profitability. The Virtual Private Network also gives employees a greater sense of empowerment, which can help to raise job satisfaction and so increase productivity..

From the users point of view, a Virtual Private Network gives them the secure access they need to central office information that enables them to carry out their job effectively and efficiently.
With in-depth experience of VPN installations, we provide the full range of AAA (authentication, authorisation and accounting) management controls to ensure that your critical data and applications remain secure whilst being accessed remotely.
In addition, we can tailor the specific applications or data that each individual homeworker or group of remote workers can access - giving you more control over who can see and do what.