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With the number of computer viruses out there topping one million, no organisation, small or large, is safe from virus attack. A PC without anti-virus protection is highly likely to be infected with a new virus as soon as it is released.
Larger businesses have been taking drastic measures with regard to their network security and computer anti-virus protection, investing thousands of pounds to ensure they are not affected by viruses. It is the small to medium sized businesses and sole traders that are just as likely to be hit by a virus, but have not secured their IT infrastructure from the risk.
Simply opening an email attachment or browsing a web page can leave you open to virus infection and although infected computers can sometimes be rescued when attacked, it is far more cost and time effective to have adequate anti-virus protection installed from the word go.

VIT provides a large range of robust anti-virus products that are designed to protect against known and emerging virus infections.
Whether you operate a single laptop or manage a full scale enterprise network and server system, our anti-virus protection solutions automatically remove viruses as they are detected and can stay automatically updated to defend your network against new viruses as they are released.
Within our range of IT services, we also provide a range of anti-spam solutions and anti-spyware solutions through our technology partners such as TrendMicro, Eset, Escan, Kaspersky, Symantec and Mcafee.